Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We work on your credentials and personal records and treat on them with the help of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (further – Regulations)

Please, review the Rules of the individual records/credentials treatment (further – Rules) and your rights working on the Regulation.

Aims for Your Personal Data Processing

We treat on our customers individual records because of:

  • interaction and service supply;
  • unique website access for every person;
  • providing of the works connected to the website analytics and press.

Personal Data Types

The mentioned types of records are easy to get on our web-site visit or we can disclose them for you:

  • Details from the Contact Field (title, phone, name, anything else that is entered to the contact form);
  • IP, cookies, other log in and communication information that is kept on our servers automatically.

Who Can See Your Personal Data?

Only designated persons of BASIS33 and authorized individuals can see your personal data.

Google Analytics by Google is used to increase effectiveness and convenient work with cookies. Anonymized cookies are necessary for the complex and detailed analysis of web site work and for the particular, specific tasks, like integrity of it.

How Long We Keep Your Personal Data?

This period is not too long. We keep everything according to the legislative procedure, laws and BASIS33 Regulations depending on the aim of such individual records work over.

Visitors Rights

Personal data processing is done only having legal basis or your personal agreement for this.

Based on the Regulations, your rights are:

  • To get the data on the work with your personal data;
  • To get information about absence of your personal data processing in our database;
  • To get your personal data and access to them together with the aims and regulations of the process according to the law, about data types, receiver, preserving period, records origin getting from the third party, guarantees if the deal is with the international enterprise;
  • To get the data if the personal data are provided according to the contract or Regulations; if the agreement to provide the personal record is the start of the contract and the results of refuse to provide them;
  • To get the information about the automatically agreement, taking into account possibility of profiling and results of it;
  • To get the information on the new aim for the personal records treatment beforehand;
  • To refuse the personal data processing and disagree on this process;
  • To get correct data and provide the corrections, if there are errors;
  • To transfer the personal data;
  • To ask the removing of individual records according European Union Law.

Place for Personal Data Processing

The process is done on the territory of EU/EEU.

While the process of personal data processing takes place from the third parties, it is controlled with the help of Law or Agreement with a contractor paying attention at the safety, confidence and security of such a treatment.

Personal data transfer to another country or international organization can be processed because of:

  • European Commission decision on the protection level for the other country personal data;
  • Early agreed guarantees (for instance, corporate of business rules or European rules on the personal data protection etc.);
  • Specific law reasons.


You are welcome to transfer your offer or question to the appropriate specialist on the personal data processing policy to


Cookies are the little temporary files getting from our server on your PC, laptop, tablet, etc. on surfing They are keeping on your gadget only within the process of your work with web-site.

Cookies Types and Their Aims

We work with the following cookies types to provide you the effective and convenient work with

  • session cookies – files keeping for the short time to provide the main functions work for our visitors and make safe environment for the work;
  • functional cookies – cookie for the constant work of user simplifying the language choice for the user;
  • analytical cookies (third party cookies) – files using to work with the statistics of customers and visitors of and its analysis.

Agree and Refuse

If you continue to use or press “Agree” button, you are ready to work according to our cookies policy, you confirm it in such a way. You can refuse any time on erasing all the temporary files from your browser. Please, pay attention, you will not be able to work with complete functions of the web-site doing so.

Extras on cookies

Extras on work and storage of the cookies are at EDAA (European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance) website

Extras on refuse from Google Analytics on the Web are at: